Thursday, October 30, 2008

Early Voters Strongly Supporting Mark Kirk

The Northbrook Star has a nice piece about people early voting at the Northbrook Village hall. I was with about 125 other Kirk volunteers working the phones at Kirk Campaign HQ over the weekend urging folks to get out and early vote. We made a lot of calls in Northbrook and it looks like the calls are paying off. Congressman Kirk was outside the polling place and according to the article:
"Kirk was accompanied by two campaign workers, and two from Seals' campaign were there passing out literature, too.

Few voters talked much to the Seals workers, but many recognized Kirk. They included Marsha Pearlman, the American Cancer Association volunteer from Northbrook who thanked Kirk profusely for his support.

"He walks on water," she gushed."

To paraphrase another favorite Illinois politician "Contrary to popular opinion Kirk might not walk on water but I hear he flew from Krypton to save the earth"

Ahh who are we kidding - we know Kirk really does walk on water!

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Unincorporated Middle said...

oh and i think some of his staff is pretty miraculous too!