Saturday, August 25, 2007

Water, Water, Everywhere

Storms finally over, BP backs down, and Blago takes a hit on flood protection veto

Its been some week for water. First the good news - BP has announced that it will back down on its plans to dump new contaminants in Lake Michigan:

It is a good step in the right direction, but we need to keep an eye out - the pledge is not legally binding and the broken permit process needs to be fixed.

On the bad news side - relentless rain and storms have caused floods, power outages and downed trees. The power outages only excaberated the flooding problem especially along the north shore where no power often meant no pumps. For communities along the DesPlaines river flooding was a real concern but it looked like Gurnee learned a good lesson from the 2004 flooding and got ahead of the game. Here's a quick round-up:

The sun is out today and the outlook is dry for the next couple of days so that could help - but lordy my grass needs to be cut!

And finally, Governor Blagojevich headed out for fly-arounds and photo-ops of flood damage the day after vetoing several flood control projects. His promises for help rang hollow:


Anonymous said...

I hope those in the guv's on party go after him for cutting funding for flood releif.

Anonymous said...

i saw Kirk working with communities and heard from one Mayor that his office was able to get help from the navy for sandbagging down in prospect heights/mt prospect.
I saw Blago (he should have been up in the area sooner since he is never in springfield).
Where was Roskam and where was bean?