Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The list of Dan Seals Lies adds up to Zero Credibility

The book All Fisherman Are Liars is a collection of stories by Linda Greenlaw, Captain, Fisherman and writer of absolutely truthful sea-tales. Honest.
I don't mind a bit of fabrication from wonderful witty writers, its another thing alltogether in wanna-be congressional candidates. I have been amazed at the non-stop stretching of the truth, barrage of misinformation and whale-sized whoppers that have been coming from Dan Seals and his little fibber-kins for the past 3 years. They make fisherman look downright trustworthy. I am staggered by the sheer volume and audacity of his fabrications.

He lies about his resume (professor? consultant? stay-at-home dad? director? sub-prime mortgage peddler? what does this guy do except run for congress?)

He distorts Mark Kirk's record (Mark supports veterans, the environment, a woman's right to choose, fiscal responsibility, a smart end to the war in Iraq, and is recognized by the Sun-Times as "Fiercely independent" )

He prevaricates about how he would have voted on the bailout.

He hedges about when he will move into the district he wants to represent.

He lies by ommission by not releasing his tax records

And he talks out of both side of his mouth on taxes, health care, and security

Any others I'm forgetting? They all add up to zero credibility and a candidate who cannot be trusted to lead us through the tough times ahead.

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Anonymous said...

The story in today's Tribune about that angry Vet, and I use the term advisedly, makes my blood boil. So that "Vet" thinks we murdered 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001? I almost choked when I read that piece early today. I only hope that our Congressman doesn't just stop at the piece in the Tribune. Thousands of Veterans in this district know that Mark Kirk voted for the largest increase in benefits to Veterans in history. They know what he did to make sure that the North Chicago VA would not close but would be expanded to a major new 21st century facility, one of the first in the nation, caring for past, present and future defenders of our freedom. That thug who made the spot for Seals is despicable. Just like Dan Seals. Add the current lie to your list, UM. Seals has no credibility and no civility.