Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kirk beats Seals 59% to 41% in Pioneer Press Live Web Chat Poll

Maybe the outside lefty-loos prematurely claiming a Seals victory should take a look at yesterday's live web-chat hosted by the Pioneer Press  which asked participants the following question: 

Who did/are you voting for in the 10th Congressional District?
and the answer:
Mark Kirk 59%
Dan Seals 41%

I know it is not scientific but then neither is most of the drivel coming from the anti-mark, 1oth cd-voters-are-stupid-and-uninvolved-seals camp. 

Kirk folks are more energized than I have seen them in years and while I think the 18 point lead demonstrated in this informal poll is certainly too high - the ground-swell of support for Kirk spurred on by the relentless lying negative Seals ads should result in a clear Kirk win - make it happen - volunteer now at Kirk for and be sure to get out and vote!

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