Friday, April 11, 2008

Kirk, Bean Recognized by US Chamber; Seals bad for business if he follows the leads of his mentors

Mark Kirk and Melissa Bean were honored by the US Chamber or Commerce with a Spirit of Enterprise Awards. The awards the Spirit of Enterprise based on rankings it gives members of Congress for key business votes. Votes are Chamber-designated "key votes," recorded floor votes on issues established as priorities by the Chamber’s board of directors on which the Chamber communicates its position prior to the vote. Members of Congress who support the Chamber’s position on at least 70 percent of key votes receive the Spirit of Enterprise Award. Here’s how Kirk, Bean and other Illinois legislators were rated:

Mark Kirk- 84
Melissa Bean- 70
Jan Schakowsky- 50
Dick Durbin- 45
Barack Obama- 33

Full info at the Chamber's site here.

While there should be appropriate regulation on business, creating a supportive environment for successful businesses, especially small businesses, is critical to our nation's well-being. Dan Seals is no centrist like Kirk and Bean and can be counted on to follow in the footsteps of his mentors - Schakowsky, Durbin and Obama and not be a friend to business.

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