Thursday, October 30, 2008

Early Voters Strongly Supporting Mark Kirk

The Northbrook Star has a nice piece about people early voting at the Northbrook Village hall. I was with about 125 other Kirk volunteers working the phones at Kirk Campaign HQ over the weekend urging folks to get out and early vote. We made a lot of calls in Northbrook and it looks like the calls are paying off. Congressman Kirk was outside the polling place and according to the article:
"Kirk was accompanied by two campaign workers, and two from Seals' campaign were there passing out literature, too.

Few voters talked much to the Seals workers, but many recognized Kirk. They included Marsha Pearlman, the American Cancer Association volunteer from Northbrook who thanked Kirk profusely for his support.

"He walks on water," she gushed."

To paraphrase another favorite Illinois politician "Contrary to popular opinion Kirk might not walk on water but I hear he flew from Krypton to save the earth"

Ahh who are we kidding - we know Kirk really does walk on water!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dan Seals Thinks You're Lazy and Stupid UPDATE: Daily Herald Sets Record Straight - Seals Ad FALSE

The Daily Herald Website had this to say about the latest Seals' lie:

"Just for the record, the ad quotes the Daily Herald as if it is an endorsement of Seals. The Daily Herald endorsed Kirk "


In the latest attack ad from the Seals camp – comments from local papers were taken completely out of context in a lame attempt to make it seem that Mark Kirk was not supported by these papers. Seals is counting on 10th CD voters being too stupid or lazy to look up the quotes and see that the stories cited were in fact ringing endorsements of Mark Kirk. As a reminder, Mark Kirk has been endorsed by every MSM news outlet in the area – TA has a great roundup here.

Seals had to go back to 2006 to grab a couple of words from the Daily Herald. I searched the papers archive and paid $2.95 to view the entire article which reads in part:

Kirk in 10th House District, Schakowsky in 9th

“In the eight years since he was first elected to represent the 10th District, Republican Mark Kirk has gone from being a freshman in a House dominated by his party to an experienced legislator in a Democratic House. As his district trended from solid Republican to leaning Democratic, Kirk has represented his constituents well and should be re-elected. "

I don’t want to violate fair use and re-print the whole thing, but if you would like to read it all you can buy it here.

The Pioneer Press article quoted in the ad is from this year’s Pioneer Press endorsement of Mark Kirk. Which includes the following more lengthy comments than the attack dogs at team seals see fit to quote:

“Kirk's greatest contributions come in his district service. He helped secure funding for the double tracking of Metra's North Central Line, preserved open space at Fort Sheridan and pushed to save the North Chicago veterans' hospital”

“the 10th has a solid, energetic representative in Kirk who was raised here and remains attentive to local needs.”

As if the outright dishonesty of this ad is not enough - the comments that Seals pulls from the Pioneer Press endorsement refer to Mark’s commitment not to raise taxes! Good God Dan if you agree with the Pioneer Press on this one and are planning to raise our taxes why don’t you just admit it?

Maybe it’s because in addition to thinking we are stupid and lazy Dan Seals thinks we are also millionaires and wants to redistribute our hard-earned money.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kirk is Top Centrist to Keep in Politico Picks

Politico asks the question:

"So who are the centrist candidates out there deserving of your vote and support?"

And answers with the first on the list:

"Mark Kirk of Illinois: A military man and leader of the Republican Main Street Partnership, this congressman from the suburbs of Chicago has the unenviable task this year of running against a charismatic African-American challenger. But Kirk has shown the mettle to stand up to Bush and Tom DeLay and the vision to set out a “suburban agenda” that is “pro-defense, pro-personal responsibility, pro-environment and pro-science.”

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tribune recognizes Kirk as "a workhorse on local concerns, known for having a diligent staff."

Mark Kirk and his staff are some hard-working public servants. And they are working for us. Not ideology, not a national party agenda - but us. They listen and they respond and they deserve to be sent back to Washington to continue their good work. The Chicago Tribune recognized that in today's endorsement. I hope that the voters of the tenth take the Trib's advice and "look beyond partisanship and embrace their pragmatic, get-it-done congressman."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kirk wins debate hands down.

Just a quick post for now with more details to follow. Kirk nailed this debate looking poised, knowledgeable and at times justifiably angry. Dan could not score a point and spent most of the afternoon looking dopey, smug or befuddled. Kirk had a wider range of facts, broader outlook on the issues and a deeper understanding of what it is going to take to fix the problems facing our country - expecially when it came to the economy. As usual Dan could only say what he is not in favor of or list pie-in-the sky programs that he can only pay for by raising taxes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dan Seals Campaign "Just doesn't see..."

In talking about the latest hatefully offensive attach ad Dan Seals Campaign spinster Liz Smith said she didn't "really see what is so controversial" about the ad. Do they really think we are that stupid or do they really not see what the problem is with their campaign of lies, smear and hate. They do not see what is obvious to the rest of us -

Mark Kirk is a true champion of veterans and is endorsed by the VFW

Mark Kirk was serving as a Naval Officer in the pentagon on 9/11 and the Seals attempt to discredit Kirk by using a Vet who thinks 9/11 was a hoax is more than controversial it is despicable.

Dan Seals never served our country either in the armed forces, a civic organization or elected office.

Mark Kirk has a record of accomplishments to run on while Dan has none - and so his only recourse is negativity.

Dan Seals can't talk about the economy because he would have voted against the bailout and to raise taxes so he falls back on DC KirkisBush lies and talking points.

The 10th District does not need Dan Seals when he cannot see what is so plain to the rest of us. Lets all work hard to make sure the only thing Dan Seals sees on November 5th is a Kirk Victory.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The list of Dan Seals Lies adds up to Zero Credibility

The book All Fisherman Are Liars is a collection of stories by Linda Greenlaw, Captain, Fisherman and writer of absolutely truthful sea-tales. Honest.
I don't mind a bit of fabrication from wonderful witty writers, its another thing alltogether in wanna-be congressional candidates. I have been amazed at the non-stop stretching of the truth, barrage of misinformation and whale-sized whoppers that have been coming from Dan Seals and his little fibber-kins for the past 3 years. They make fisherman look downright trustworthy. I am staggered by the sheer volume and audacity of his fabrications.

He lies about his resume (professor? consultant? stay-at-home dad? director? sub-prime mortgage peddler? what does this guy do except run for congress?)

He distorts Mark Kirk's record (Mark supports veterans, the environment, a woman's right to choose, fiscal responsibility, a smart end to the war in Iraq, and is recognized by the Sun-Times as "Fiercely independent" )

He prevaricates about how he would have voted on the bailout.

He hedges about when he will move into the district he wants to represent.

He lies by ommission by not releasing his tax records

And he talks out of both side of his mouth on taxes, health care, and security

Any others I'm forgetting? They all add up to zero credibility and a candidate who cannot be trusted to lead us through the tough times ahead.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sun-Times endorsement praises Kirk; Chastises Seal’s campaign for lying about Kirk’s record

The Sun-times has endorsed Mark Kirk, citing his independence, hard-work and common-sense problem solving approach. I am most impressed by the recognition of his commitment to working in a bi-partisan manner.
“In his eight years in Congress, Kirk has made bipartisanship a priority, bringing a spirit of cooperation to a Congress in sore need of it. And despite what his opponent would have you believe, he is anything but a clone of President Bush.”
We face tough problems and a congress that is more and more polarized and are going to need independents like Mark Kirk not more of the partisan lies of Dan Seals.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kirk Cheered at Union Station

A rainy Tuesday work day ended on a positive note when I saw Mark Kirk and some enthusiastic volunteers greeting train riders tonight at Union Station.  How nice  (and kind of old fashioned in a good way) to see a sitting congressman taking the time to meet "real" people and say hello in a totally unexpected way.   He got a great reception -  heard lots of  "thank you" and "keep up the good work" and shouts of  support as folks boarded the train.   I stopped to shake his hand and let him know that I am one democrat who will be voting for him this November and found out I am not alone.  There are other 10th District Dems  signing up at Democrats for Kirk daily.  If you're a like-minded dem go sign up now.  If you are still on the fence consider this - Mark Kirk, not Dan Seals, has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, the Illinois Education Association, The Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood.  Seems to me having a representative who can work for human rights, education and the environment AND work with republicans is a great way to start finding the common ground we are going to need to solve some of the huge problems facing all Americans.  

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kirk Still Leading in the Home Stretch

Mark Kirk is back in the District after showing independent leadership in the bi-partisan efforts to pass economic relief legislation in Congress. Dan would have voted against it or maybe for it, but maybe not – who knows – Mr. Negativity can only point fingers and never offers any positive solutions. Kirk, on the other hand, has a proven track record of delivering positive results on the issues that matter to people who live here in the tenth as noted by this weekend’s News-Sun endorsement.

Known for spending nearly every weekend and congressional break in the District (except for when he is serving in the Naval Reserves), we can expect to be seeing even more of Kirk in the next few weeks as he continues his hard work on behalf of the citizens of the 10th. He positively rocked it at the Candidates Forum on Saturday and I can’t wait for the next debate between Kirk and Seals. Even the ultra-left Daily Kos has released a poll showing Kirk still beating Seals and I am not sure the kirkisbush screaming lies from smirky-eddy-haskill-fake-smiling Seals will be able to move his numbers any further in his direction. Voters are more likely to be swayed by the growing list of endorsements Kirk is picking up than by Seals lackluster campaigning and the irrelevant ads from outside groups. Given that Seals has not been able to move his numbers in 3 years it is unlikely he can close the distance in just 30 days. Voters in the 10th know Mark Kirk is the right guy for the job.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kirk a "Leader and a Fighter" in enthusiastic New-Sun Endorsement or Sorry Dan we are not buying your lies.

The New-Sun issued a ringing endorsement of Congressman Kirk today and in the process took challenger Dan Seals and his campaign to task for attempting to mis-state Kirk's record and perhaps more imporatntly of bringing nothing new to the table in his second attempt to unseat the effective and well-liked Kirk. The endorsement reads:

Congressman Mark Kirk has been a good public servant with a solid record of achievement for Lake County. We believe he deserves another two-year term in Washington, D.C.

His record since first being elected in 2000 speaks volumes about his constituent services in the 10th Congressional District, and, facing a second challenge from Democrat Dan Seals of Wilmette, his hard work the past two years solidifies in our minds that voters should re-elect him come Nov. 4. Kirk has been a leader and a fighter, when needed, for the 10th District. While a Republican, he has shown an independent streak and not been in lockstep with the Bush administration, as some would have us believe. Indeed, you don't get kudos from environmental groups, such as the National Wildlife Federation, if you agree with the policies of the Bush administration.

Kirk has tackled some nagging problems in the district and brought others to the forefront, such as: an $850,000 grant to establish a federal-local anti-gang taskforce for Waukegan and neighboring communities; support for the assault weapons ban; impact aid for North Chicago and Highland Park schools; working to reopen the 22nd Street gate at Naval Station Great Lakes; expanding literacy education for new immigrants; curtailing mercury pollution; battling for a cleaner Lake Michigan; transportation funding for the Route 60 bridge over the Tri-State Tollway, which is definitely not a bridge to nowhere.

He's also prodded Waukegan officials for torpedoing plans to clean up Waukegan Harbor after he helped snare a federal grant and labored to save billions in federal transit funds after Illinois officials were on the verge of losing that money. Too, the congressman has reached out to the county's new immigrant population with grants to expand literacy education and working to reunite immigrant families with their relatives.

One of the major points we like about Kirk is his steadfast championing of turning the North Chicago Veterans Affairs Medical Center into the nation's first joint VA-Defense Department hospital, the James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, the $71 facility set to open in July 2010. That alone should silence Kirk's critics when it comes to questioning his support for the district's aging veterans.

This is the second matchup between Kirk and Seals and, frankly, we have heard nothing new from the challenger this go-round to sway us from backing the congressman for another term. The 10th District has a gem in Mark Kirk, and voters should keep him in Washington.

A gem indeed - now go get a sign, write a letter and most importantly get out and vote!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kirk Shows Real Courage and Puts Country Before Politics

With only a month to go before the election and the lunacy spiralling out of control, I thought I would wade back into the blogging game with observations on the federal elections fom my little slice of the middle. I am still not sure how I will vote for President - more on that tomorrow - but if anything, my conviction that Mark Kirk is the right person to send to congress has only increased over the past week. Specifically, his willingness to do what was right despite the political consequences regarding the proposed bailout has solidified my conviction that Kirk is a conscientious public servent with the backbone to stand up for what he believes in.

Mort Kondracke summed it up in his column for Real Clear Politics:

"Still, certain Members stood out as profiles in courage while their colleagues headed for the high grass. And some leaders deserve credit for trying to save the day — and for continuing to try. Of 41 Members considered to be facing the toughest re-election races, only nine — six Democrats and three Republicans — bucked inflamed public opinion and voted to save the economy from ruin.

The roll of honor deserves to be called: Democratic Reps. Bill Foster (Ill.), Paul Kanjorski (Pa.), Tim Mahoney (Fla.), Jim Marshall (Ga.), Jerry McNerney (Calif.) and Christopher Murphy (Conn.). And, even more so, the three Republicans, who did the right thing in the face of a Democratic tide raging against them: Reps. Mark Kirk (Ill.), Jon Porter (Nev.) and Christopher Shays (Conn.).

Kirk recommended to GOP leaders a political pact that might have saved the rescue package Monday — and might help pass a new one. It is: Have the House campaign committees agree not to mount campaign ads against Members favoring the “bailout.” So far, the idea has gone nowhere."

I hope the "leaders" in congress listen to Mark Kirk - after all he is the guy acting like a real leader. And I hope the voters back home realize that this kind of leadership is exactly why we need to keep Kirk representing us in congress.