Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kirk Shows Real Courage and Puts Country Before Politics

With only a month to go before the election and the lunacy spiralling out of control, I thought I would wade back into the blogging game with observations on the federal elections fom my little slice of the middle. I am still not sure how I will vote for President - more on that tomorrow - but if anything, my conviction that Mark Kirk is the right person to send to congress has only increased over the past week. Specifically, his willingness to do what was right despite the political consequences regarding the proposed bailout has solidified my conviction that Kirk is a conscientious public servent with the backbone to stand up for what he believes in.

Mort Kondracke summed it up in his column for Real Clear Politics:

"Still, certain Members stood out as profiles in courage while their colleagues headed for the high grass. And some leaders deserve credit for trying to save the day — and for continuing to try. Of 41 Members considered to be facing the toughest re-election races, only nine — six Democrats and three Republicans — bucked inflamed public opinion and voted to save the economy from ruin.

The roll of honor deserves to be called: Democratic Reps. Bill Foster (Ill.), Paul Kanjorski (Pa.), Tim Mahoney (Fla.), Jim Marshall (Ga.), Jerry McNerney (Calif.) and Christopher Murphy (Conn.). And, even more so, the three Republicans, who did the right thing in the face of a Democratic tide raging against them: Reps. Mark Kirk (Ill.), Jon Porter (Nev.) and Christopher Shays (Conn.).

Kirk recommended to GOP leaders a political pact that might have saved the rescue package Monday — and might help pass a new one. It is: Have the House campaign committees agree not to mount campaign ads against Members favoring the “bailout.” So far, the idea has gone nowhere."

I hope the "leaders" in congress listen to Mark Kirk - after all he is the guy acting like a real leader. And I hope the voters back home realize that this kind of leadership is exactly why we need to keep Kirk representing us in congress.

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