Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kirk wins debate hands down.

Just a quick post for now with more details to follow. Kirk nailed this debate looking poised, knowledgeable and at times justifiably angry. Dan could not score a point and spent most of the afternoon looking dopey, smug or befuddled. Kirk had a wider range of facts, broader outlook on the issues and a deeper understanding of what it is going to take to fix the problems facing our country - expecially when it came to the economy. As usual Dan could only say what he is not in favor of or list pie-in-the sky programs that he can only pay for by raising taxes.

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Anonymous said...

Right on. UM. Our Congressman showed the kind of strength, personal and professional, that makes us proud to have him represent us. Seals is a programmed, Democrat playbook hack with nothing behind him to qualify his being elected. And again one should ask what has he been doing since he left GE Capital. He surely hasn't done a thing to make this a better place. That says a lot to me. All he's been doing is running and running and running. And I'm wondering why the mainstream media continues to call him a lecturer and a consultant. Don't they ever check on things as easy to verify as employment? We have 2 weeks to keep this going and to send him back where he belongs forever.