Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dan Seals Thinks You're Lazy and Stupid UPDATE: Daily Herald Sets Record Straight - Seals Ad FALSE

The Daily Herald Website had this to say about the latest Seals' lie:

"Just for the record, the ad quotes the Daily Herald as if it is an endorsement of Seals. The Daily Herald endorsed Kirk "


In the latest attack ad from the Seals camp – comments from local papers were taken completely out of context in a lame attempt to make it seem that Mark Kirk was not supported by these papers. Seals is counting on 10th CD voters being too stupid or lazy to look up the quotes and see that the stories cited were in fact ringing endorsements of Mark Kirk. As a reminder, Mark Kirk has been endorsed by every MSM news outlet in the area – TA has a great roundup here.

Seals had to go back to 2006 to grab a couple of words from the Daily Herald. I searched the papers archive and paid $2.95 to view the entire article which reads in part:

Kirk in 10th House District, Schakowsky in 9th

“In the eight years since he was first elected to represent the 10th District, Republican Mark Kirk has gone from being a freshman in a House dominated by his party to an experienced legislator in a Democratic House. As his district trended from solid Republican to leaning Democratic, Kirk has represented his constituents well and should be re-elected. "

I don’t want to violate fair use and re-print the whole thing, but if you would like to read it all you can buy it here.

The Pioneer Press article quoted in the ad is from this year’s Pioneer Press endorsement of Mark Kirk. Which includes the following more lengthy comments than the attack dogs at team seals see fit to quote:

“Kirk's greatest contributions come in his district service. He helped secure funding for the double tracking of Metra's North Central Line, preserved open space at Fort Sheridan and pushed to save the North Chicago veterans' hospital”

“the 10th has a solid, energetic representative in Kirk who was raised here and remains attentive to local needs.”

As if the outright dishonesty of this ad is not enough - the comments that Seals pulls from the Pioneer Press endorsement refer to Mark’s commitment not to raise taxes! Good God Dan if you agree with the Pioneer Press on this one and are planning to raise our taxes why don’t you just admit it?

Maybe it’s because in addition to thinking we are stupid and lazy Dan Seals thinks we are also millionaires and wants to redistribute our hard-earned money.


Anonymous said...

I can't get over how much this guy looks down on us. If I hear that superiour "how is that working out for you" line once more I'll explode. I was going to vote for Kirk but now I want to do more just to show this arrogant loser.

Anonymous said...

OK, Anon 5:38, pick up the phone and call the KFC campaign office at 847 498-0300 and join the many other volunteers and get on board. We welcome you and can use your help. Seals, the DCCC and this election will go down as the most disgusting and disgraceful in memory. When I left the campaign office at 7:30 tonight the KFC office was jammed with eager volunteers who feel as you do about Seals and company, the DCCC and this election. 10th District voters have never been complacent. 10th District voters need to show the independent nature and spirit that has always set this district apart from others in IL. We aren't stupid and we aren't going to be manipulated by those sleezy DCCC thugs. Come on over, Anon, we have a few days left and lots of work to do.