Monday, October 13, 2008

Sun-Times endorsement praises Kirk; Chastises Seal’s campaign for lying about Kirk’s record

The Sun-times has endorsed Mark Kirk, citing his independence, hard-work and common-sense problem solving approach. I am most impressed by the recognition of his commitment to working in a bi-partisan manner.
“In his eight years in Congress, Kirk has made bipartisanship a priority, bringing a spirit of cooperation to a Congress in sore need of it. And despite what his opponent would have you believe, he is anything but a clone of President Bush.”
We face tough problems and a congress that is more and more polarized and are going to need independents like Mark Kirk not more of the partisan lies of Dan Seals.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, UM, I missed your posts. Like you, I am sickened by the lies coming from the Seals campaign. He gets away with lies since he has no record. That Caleb Davis, the nasty Vet who calls Mark a liar and bad guy doesn't even know what lies he's spewing. I guess the truth isn't something Seals or the lackies speaking for him consider important. We do. I guess it doesn't matter that Mark Kirk voted for the largest increase in Veteran's Benefits ever. Truth just evades the Seals campaign. But endorsements don't guarantee re-election. We have a lot of work to do in the next 20 days. Let's just do it.