Monday, October 27, 2008

Kirk is Top Centrist to Keep in Politico Picks

Politico asks the question:

"So who are the centrist candidates out there deserving of your vote and support?"

And answers with the first on the list:

"Mark Kirk of Illinois: A military man and leader of the Republican Main Street Partnership, this congressman from the suburbs of Chicago has the unenviable task this year of running against a charismatic African-American challenger. But Kirk has shown the mettle to stand up to Bush and Tom DeLay and the vision to set out a “suburban agenda” that is “pro-defense, pro-personal responsibility, pro-environment and pro-science.”


Anonymous said...

District 10's non-debate on Iraq

(This original letter to the editor was edited and printed in the Wilmette Life on May 8, 2008. It has been slightly re-edited.)

In April, 2008, General David Petraeus testified before Congress on Iraq. It’s a good time to ask: has anybody examined Congressman Mark Kirk’s e-mails and newsletters since the general’s last appearance in September, 2007? If so, you’ve captured Mr. Kirk’s stance. What does the public record reveal?

Most noticeable is what’s missing. We, the public. Aside from a June, 2007 mail-in survey (four questions), we’ve registered hardly a murmur.

Search District 10’s website. Ask neighbors, town librarian, village trustees: did Mr. Kirk during June, July, August 2007, running up to September’s decision-making time on the surge, arrange a single pre-announced opportunity to debate by town, township or district, the Iraq war as a priority? (This refers to all venues under Mr. Kirk’s control, not to the large anti-Iraq war rally held at Northbrook’s Renaissance Hotel, addressed by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Iraq veterans, and absent Mr. Kirk, August 28, 2007).

Despite apparent unwillingness to schedule any debate, Mr. Kirk sent constituents a Congressional e-mail dated September 20, following (not preceding) Petraeus’s September 10-11 appearance. Mr. Kirk claimed he had made a “bipartisan effort to open a constructive, non-political dialogue on Iraq." Held September 10 (one day before spin-sensitive 9/11), location, undisclosed.

The Chicago Tribune reported the host: Chicago Council on Global Affairs. The event took place at The Chicago Club, in Chicago. The Council’s website ("Programs: Past programs: 9/10/07") states: “This complimentary event is exclusively for invited guests.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Kirk's e-mail: “I was grateful for the opportunity to lead this roundtable discussion about the most important issue before the nation.”

Anyone remember Mr. Kirk’s “roundtable discussion” on Iraq? Were we invited? Did Mr. Kirk grant any such debate to District 10? Before, not after, Petraeus's appearance?

All we got was an e-mail, after the fact, informing us of a dialogue in which we never took part.

Paul Wolf
Wilmette, IL

Unincorporated Middle said...

Paul - I was at the Congressman's August 07 town hall meeting and wrote this at the time:

The war in Iraq was a big concern with the anti-war folks asking some hard questions. Kirk was able to communicate the complex and difficult issues surrounding the war, and provided his unique perspective as an active member of the Naval Reserve and a veteran of the first gulf war. He clearly understands the sacrifice we ask of those who serve and the hard reality of war. His plan for moving forward centers on developing a working political solution while winding down the military action in a way that protects our troops and supporters in Iraq while making sure we do not have to fight a third Iraqi war.

I'm betting you were there weren't you Paul? I have had just about enough of Dan Seals supporters and thier campaign of lies and misinformation - peddle it someplace else, because i'm not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Why do the dems think that if they shout a thing long enough and loud enough it will become true?

Every newspaper endorsement recognized Mark as an independent leader NOT in lockstep with Bush. I went and made calls at Kirk for Congress this weekend to help.

We all need to do everything in our power to make sure that the DCCC with all the money they dumped on lying ads does not steal this election away from the top moderate in congress. We are going to swing so far to the left we are going to need every centrist voice we can find.

Anonymous said...

This should not be a close race but is and as a result we are in jeopardy of having not a single republican anywhere representing us.

I am deeply disappointed after how hard we have worked for mark and how hard he has worked in d.c. that he has not been as politically savvy and put away these left-wing boobs. 8 days left, it looks like a decent bet he's gone, and it's really unfortunate.

Unincorporated Middle said...

I gotta disagree with on this one - this race was shaping up to be a battle from the start - tons of money being dumped from the dccc, an angry electorate and long, favored-son coat tails. No amount of politically savvy can overcome that - this is a ground war.

From where I sit team kirk has been fighting the battle of their lives and it is certainly not over. Maybe instead of whining and counting kirk out a week before the election you should be making calls, walking precincts or making sure we get every Kirk vote to the polls - this is going to be won in inches and every vote will count.

Mark said...

not to mention the almost half million in spending by Freedom's Watch bent on war with Iran which Mark Kirk will support the same he supported war with Iraq.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Freedoms Watch is bent on in the tenth is keeping a strong supporter of Israel in the congress - that woul be Mark Kirk. Seals is on record as saying he would not intervene if Israel was attacked.

Anonymous said...

Hey 'mark' - why don't you join with Paul Wolf and go back over to your buddy Ellen's blog and peddle your words where they belong. UM is right: Paul was NOT at the townhall meeting. And as for 'mark' I would venture to say that you don't know what in the hell you're talking about. Freedom's Watch stands proudly with Congressman Kirk who is nationally appreciated as the most important pro-Israel member in the Congress. This past Sunday night more than 1400 national AIPAC leaders gathered for their annual Summit in Chicago. Before he even spoke Mr. Kirk was greeted with a standing ovation. During his brief talk he received no less than 4 more standing ovations and sustained applause. Other members of the IL delegation just sat there in stunned silence. Seals might vote yes on pro-Israel legislation if he ever does reach the US Congress, but he will never, ever have the leadership ability of Mark Kirk. And as for war anywhere on this planet, you are just peddling the crap from your DCCC talking points. With more than 2 million dollars of DCCC money thrown at Mark from these slime balls in totally disgraceful media buys, it makes one wonder what the future has to offer under more Democrat control.