Monday, December 17, 2007

Kirk working with locals, including dems, to solve 10th CD problems while Dan and Jay offend and insult

Mark Kirk is working with local officials, including State Rep Elaine Nekritz (D) to help alleviate flooding problems in Lake County. From the Daily Herald:

A crowd of local, county, state and federal officials united this morning to renew support for a proposed forest preserve expansion in Buffalo Grove that could lead to flood-control efforts on the Des Plaines River.

The estimated $30 million project would add 250 acres of prairie and wetlands to the Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve, which actually is in Lake County on the north side of Lake-Cook Road at Arlington Heights Road. But U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk, state Rep. Elaine Nekritz and other proponents are passionate about the proposal because a reservoir included in the plan would allow the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build a new levee on the Des Plaines River.

A similar levee nearing completion in Des Plaines helped fight flooding from the river in that city this past summer, officials said. The proponents gathered today in Kirk's Northbrook office hope the levee they seek would protect homes and businesses in Mount Prospect and Prospect Heights.

"We know that these projects work," said Nekritz, a Northbrook Democrat. "We know they can be successful."

Meanwhile, Jay Footlik offends the distict and Dan Seals insults us.

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Anonymous said...

You're so right, UM. Mark Kirk has always worked in a bi-partisan fashion whether here in the district or in DC. Seals and Footlik's supporters are goint at it hot and heavy over on that 10th District Blog. Between Jay's simple minded and very stereotypical offensive mail pieces and TV spot, and Seals making a moronic statement about who can live in the 10th, it makes one's head spin. Does anyone really think they're responsible enough to represent anything or anyone in Congress? They show nothing but juvenile behavior. I do have to admit that it's amusing watching the "kids" at play.