Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hey Dan Seals - I'm not a millionaire and I live in the 10th.

Seals loses in first head to head match with Footlik.

I don't know if its arrogance, classism or further evidence of his lack of understanding about the 10th CD, but Dan Seal's comment at yesterday's Trib editorial board meeting was out of line. When asked why he still did not live in the district he wants to represent he replied:

"If I was a millionaire I could certainly just pick up and buy a new home, [but] I'm not a millionaire, and if you want more millionaires in Congress, I'm not your man," Seals said.

In 2005 the median value for homes in lake county was $271,700. (anybody know the stat for just the 10th? - I expect it is well under a million) (thanks anon!)

Note to Dan - snark and flippancy don't play well at the trib or with voters of the tenth and I think you will find once again that you are not our man for congress.

Read the full story of the Jay and Dan meeting at the trib here. Looks to me like Footlik has a shot at the Trib endorsement.


Anonymous said...

47% of the district did not care last time. That will only get bettr this time around. A non-issue if there ever was one--especially if you look at Bean!

Team America said...

Bean only won by 50.1%, if I recall correctly. I wouldn't feel that any issue was too small to be of concern with those numbers.

The more Seals seeks tp lay this card with Footlik, the less he can run from it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, UM, that Dan is either arrogant or just out of touch with this district, and I'd bet it's both. I've lived out here for years and have never made a 6 figure salary. Dan Seals has shown his true nature by doing absolutely NOTHING for the past year. I hope he can answer some questions about that kind of basic issue when it's brought up in the debate and in the campaign. Melissa Bean was an integral part of her community before being elected to office. What has Dan done? I just found his comments to be stupid at best and totally obnoxious and arrogant at worst. Will the REAL Dan Seals come forward. Or, who IS Dan Seals.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can’t believe Seals said that. Is he that stupid?

Our congressional district may be home to places like Kenilworth, the wealthiest town in the state, but North Chicago, the second poorest city in Illinois, is also in the district.

I guess Seals only wants to represent the north shore and has no interest in the people in Arlington Heights, Waukegan, Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Vernon Hills or anything west of the Edens. Jay Footlik is the guy for me.

Anonymous said...

Um, don't you mean that in Lake county 2005 median house value was $271,700 and the median household income in 2005 was $68,744?

Unincorporated Middle said...

good lord - look what writing at 5 am gets you. Thanks anon for the heads up - I think I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

hyporcrite, when did you buy your house. years ago?

Unincorporated Middle said...

Anon -

Lots of homeowners in the 10th CD bought homes for well under a million. ( I bought mine within the past 5 years for less than 275,000)

We're not millionaires or hypocrites and we are not going to vote for a guy who insults us.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, UM. Seals not only insults us, but must never have traveled much of the district. He should get to know us a little better. I hope Jay sends him back to the 9th for good.