Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jay Footlik Lies while Iraq Campaign Ignores Reality

UPDATE: Jay Footlik has removed the Ad in question from his website - good for him! Wonder if the IIC will still be protesting at Kirk's office tonight?

Jay Footlik, candidate in the 10th CD democratic primary has a nasty ad on his website stating that Mark Kirk voted against SCHIP to support big tobacco. And it just isn't so. Truth is Kirk voted against an early version of the bill that would have taken away medicaid services to seniors and voted for the subsequent compromise bill that ensures kids - read here, here and here.

And the Illinois Iraq Campaign is calling for a "protest" against Kirk's position on the SCHIP veto overide. Kirk has called on his colleagues to override the veto. What exactly is IIC protesting?


Anonymous said...

Come on, UM, you didn't expect truth from Mr. Footlik, Ms. Gill or any of the "true believers" among the 10th Dems. I'm really surprised that you thought they would ever admit that Congressman Kirk did something they "demand" of him. Mr. Footlik obviously did not listen to why our Congressman voted against the first version of SCHIP: it took away critially important Medicare benefits for had NOTHING to do with tobacco and he knows it. He also claims that our Congressman takes money from tobacco companies and this is a total falsehood. Playing fast and loose with the truth never has impressed 10th District voters and it won't now.
Congressman Mark Kirk was on WGN radio today, WBBM radio today talking about why he voted YES on this version of SCHIP and why he plans to vote to over ride the president's veto. He also voted to over ride the president's veto of the Stem Cell Bill last year. Those of us who know how to read correctly can see the difference between procedural votes and votes on issues. Mr. Footlik will have to defend his stated positions. Congressman Mark Kirk's positions are out there for all of his constituents to see and take pride in. If the vitriol is like this right now, can you imagine what it's going to sound like in a couple of months! Hold onto your hats..........this "party" on the other side of the aisle is getting pretty ugly very early.

Team america, world police said...

Well, UM, as I know you are a big fan of Ellen Beth Gill, you will no doubt not be surprised to learn that she has essentially kicked Team America off her blog, without even the guts to acknowledge she has done so. Over the last couple of days, she has simply deleted TA's comments, without even noting that the comment was deleted. Strangely, this action did not even occur after some kind of specific heated exchange on any given topic or anything of the sort. It appears to TA that Ellen finally decided that she could not debate the issues in a rational, objective manner when there was a voice on her own blog that was committed to exposing the spin and slant (if not the occasional outright lie). This coming from someone who's mantra is "free speech" and claims to have the highest moral ground in defending freedom of expression and the idea that transparancy and free debate are the best tools for improving goverment and society.

So much for Ellen.

I wonder if anyone will bother to post on her site without TA to provide some reason for her diatribes.


Anonymous said...

Ellen Beth "Shrill" can't take the truth, honesty, a fair dialogue, TA. It's her way or the highway. Haven't you noticed how she twists everything Congressman Kirk says and does to fit her percpetion of her reality. When you tried to debate based on fact she just crumbled. I think the "heat" has made her decide that this is her blog, her views, and damn the torpedoes, she will "talk" to herself and her leftie buddies. It will be interesting to see what happens when those folks have nothing to say to each other! Those mean spirited 10th Dems can hammer each other to pieces while deciding who will become the nominee in February. Let's just sit back and enjoy this "production" and get ready for the REAL show in a few months.
I applaud you for never losing your cool on her blog, for always presenting a cogent, well reasoned response. All you ever got was a twisted and angry attack on our Congressman and never a reply to the issue at hand. Truth and honesty.....a fair debate.........simply not possible on Ms. Gill's blog.

team america, world police said...

Thanks Anon 10:21 for the kind words of support. I agree about Ellen Beth "Shrill" (LOL), but I really did expect a little more out of her. Wonder what she'll say when the regulars start wondering where TA is. Any bets she'll admit she's blocking my posts, or do you think she'll accuse ME of being the coward???


Anonymous said...

I am no big fan of Jay Footlik, but what he says is true. Kirk in fact voted against SCHIP before he voted for it.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Anon.....haven't you been reading WHY Congressman Kirk opposed the first SCHIP Bill? He voted against it to protect critical healthcare benefits under Medicare for Seniors like me. It's not a case of "robbing Peter to pay Paul" and I'm thankful that he DID vote that way because Seniors need access to care as much as kids need care. Once the Medicare cuts were removed our Congressman voted YES on SCHIP. I'd say that's a very good vote. He will vote to over ride the president's veto when it's presented on the House Floor. How about saying thanks to our Congressman for using sound judgment when he considers how to vote on issues. By the way, if you go back and look at what was in that first SCHIP Bill I think you will see why it was necessary to remove those Medicare cuts.

Unincorporated Middle said...

Anon -

The ad was a lie. It said Kirk did not support SCHIP. I guess even Footlik realized it because the ad is no longer on his website.

Kirk always supported the senate version of SCHIP. He voted against the first house version of the bill because it took medicare services away from seniors. When the house and senate re-did the bill to protect seniors he voted for the bill and it passed.

Anonymous said...

Yep, UM, it was a lie.......just like that package of cigarettes he has on his website saying that Mr. Kirk takes tobacco money. That's a total fabrication of the truth......aka a falsehood. I hope that Mr. Footlik gets his facts right before going out into the 10th District to make his case for support.

Unincorporated Middle said...

Hey TA -

You're welcome here anytime! I'm guessing there will be little to no comments over at 10th dems with you gone.

Anonymous said...

So, how did the big SCHIP/Iraq protest at the Kirk office go?

Anonymous said...

Got a nice letter from Footlik trashing Seals today.


Jean said...

What does Jay Footlik (IL10) bring to the party - other than Monica Lewinsky?
Why is Jay Footlik -D running for Congress in the Tenth District of Illinois? This Washington insider hasn't lived in the state since high school, and he grew up in Skokie, which isn't even in the district. And what has he ever accomplished besides introducing Monica Lewinsky to Bill Clinton? According to Lewinsky, it was Jay Footlik who helped her get her internship.
According to his testimony to Ken Starr, he personally escorted her to a party at the West Wing where he facilitated an encounter with Bill Clinton. and
He's a registered lobbyist from Washington, a job most people liken to pond scum. In fact, his firm was fired by the University of California at San Diego for charging $100 an hour for lunching with federal officials and congressional staffers, not notifying the university that they were registered lobbyists and failing to file articles of incorporation with the state of Virginia.