Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dan Seals can't fool them in Kentucky.

The 10th CD dem primary is the subject of a post by the Kentucky Democrat, who writes:

Since I plan to move to Chicago sometime late next year, I figure I should start looking at some of the campaigns up, I am not renaming the blog anytime soon.

This is despicable. How do you expect to get elected to Congress after saying Israel should negotiate with Hamas? That's not a person I want in Congress. Doesn't anyone remember the rule: You don't negotiate with terrorists. It's an unwritten rule but it's still a rule.

At a Daily Kos meeting last Thursday, Seals told audience members that Israel should negotiate with Hamas (reminding you that Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization that even Fatah wants nothing to do with because of all the damage they're doing to Palestinians).

I'm surprised that someone like Jeffrey Schoenberg would support Dan Seals after such comments were made.

There's more -

Seals lost a campaign in 2006 and he had a campaign message against the likes of Bush and Hastert. Clearly, it did not play well in Illinois' 10th congressional district or he would have been elected and not lost by 7% of the vote.

KYDEM raises an interesting point. Is it valid? and Kentucky - Welcome to the wacky world of Illinois politics!


No Left Turn said...

Not sure that Dan can fool anyone, anywhere. I know that he does not want to debate/discuss/engage Jay Footlik on any topic, surely not on pro-Israel issues. That's his choice. He does say one thing to non-Jewish audiences and something quite different to Jewish groups. Perhaps his ideas mirror those of Mr. Obama: sit down and talk to everyone. That's not the kind of foreign policy "genius" I'd like representing me in Congres, or in Congress in general. I'd still like to hear Dan talk about issues that we face right here in the 10th District. I'm waiting for Dan to understand that being a one issue guy is out of step with the constituents who have a right to know and to ask him about those things that we face in our daily lives. We KNOW where he stands on Iraq. I have no idea what he knows about, or IF he knows or cares about the problems we face that he'd be responsible for as a Congressman. Before he was elected in 2000, Mark Kirk knew the issues with the proposed closing of the VA Hospital. He made that a priority. Mark Kirk studies the problems with the military housing at Ft. Sheridan and how to creatively fund with REAL money the educational needs of military families. His creativity has resulted in the Public/Private Venture that will, for the first time in history, give a community real dollars to work with. Mark Kirk studied the transportation needs of those people living in the western part of this district. The double-tracking of the NorthCentral Rail line is a result of his efforts. Yes, I WANT Congressman Mark Kirk to stay in Congress representing us in this District. Yes, I'm proud to support Congressman Mark Kirk. He not only sees a problem, he gets out there and SOLVES a problem. And when you talk about Congressman Mark Kirk's commitment to Israel you have to applaud not his votes........those are easy and no-brainers. What has distinguished Congressman Mark Kirk from others who came before him is his unprecendented LEADERSHIP and that is well known, well respected, and highly regarded on BOTH sides of the aisle. Sure Dan might vote correctly on Foreign Aid. Jay Footlik would as well. But when it comes to thinking outside the box, when it comes to stand-up and be counted LEADERSHIP for a safe, secure and strong Israel, nobody matches Congressman Mark Kirk. Dan and Jay hopefully will learn from watching Congressman Mark Kirk really lead on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Kirk was in hot water a couple of years ago for telling a Jewish audience that he would be okay with having Arab-Americans be required to get some kind of special ID card since he "knows where the threat is." That makes me question his judgement, and it is racist.

He has done a very good job in the media of claiming a victory with the VA. What isn't published is that the building got renovated, but they are still used all the same old equipment.

Unincorporated Middle said...

Kirk has never advocated a special ID for Arab-Americans. Please provide a reference or stop spreading this lie. He is certainly not a racist and is well known for his strong human rights convictions.

Regarding the VA it was scheduled to be shut down completey. Kirk worked to keep it open by combining the VA and Great Lakes Naval hospital. The new facility is not completed yet.

Team America said...

I believe what Congressman Kirk said was something to the effect that if security personnel at airports decided to use the fact that a passenger appeared to be of middle-eastern descent, that such would be a logical and appropriate criteria to subject that passenger to special scrutiny in the boarding process, since it appears that 99.something percent of extreme terrorists appear to be from that area of the world, and it's not usually a little old lady from Pasadena that poses a threat to aircraft.

Kirk was OK with that and so am I.

No Left Turn said...

Anon 3:42....provide the proof for your outrageous lie. There is none. I think you might want to stay over on the "official" 10th Dems site. Those commentors are fast and loose with the truth, as is the creator of that Blog. Thankfully we now have 2 very credible, very serious Blogs for people out here to use for comment and conversation. I'll be waiting to see the verification of your spurious charge.

Anonymous said...

Footlik is way better than Seals on the safety of Israel