Saturday, September 29, 2007

10th Dems bring partisan politics to new low

The small, but vocal, left wing 10th Dem organzation has long adopted the questionable tactics of the far right - lies, innuendo and gotcha - to make political points. Their latest attempt at disinformation is to paint Mark Kirk as against kids even though he was one of several republicans who broke with the party to vote for the revised SCHIP bill. The legislation expands health care to children without taking medicare funding away from seniors as in previous versions of the Bill. Instead of acknowledging Kirk's vote and his stand for children, this group of militant lefties are picketing his office! It might be more effective to work on the democrats who voted against the bill.

But then this really has nothing to do with kids health care and everything to do with painting an untrue picture of Kirk in the hopes of helping their chosen candidate in the upcoming democratic primary (Kirk is running unopposed in his primary.) Dan Seals has been pretty much a no-show lately, while Jay Footlik has been hard at work raising money, meeting voters and updating his website. I haven't heard of Dan holding any district events or seen anything new on his website since he announced his candidacy. Maybe the 10th Dems think misinformation about Kirk's votes will help Dan, but their increasingly outlandish behavior on Seal's behalf only makes me wonder - Where's Dan and what is he hiding?


Anonymous said...

You are just like Kirk- pretending to be a moderate when your vision is myopic and you are so clearly right wing. Your tactics are just like Kirk's, and just like him, you'd love for Jay to be his primary opponent. Kirk's afraid of Dan Seals, which is why he's been campaigning so hard to change his image- too bad Kirk doesn't put some teeth into his pretense. You are clearly not involved in the Tenth district or you'd know the opposite is true- Dan is everywhere and appeals to everyone except diehard Republicans. It's been Kirk and Jay who are the no shows. Kirk can't appear in public with Dan because he's such a small man- in every sense of the word- and Jay is his twin.

Anonymous said...

Jay hasn't held any events. He has just insinuated himself unwanted into other people's events. Understandably, Jay is too busy to hold an event trying to move to Illinois from DC and plan the next war with his friend Joe Lieberman. My feeling of this blog is that it was set up by Jay's PR person, Steve Sadin. The same person who leads him around by the nose at democratic events. Kirk is lead around by Bush and Jay by Sadin. I'd rather have a congressman who can think for himself.

Unincorporated Middle said...

Kirk is a moderate - GovTrack places him right in the center of congress based on his congressional record not the claims of his opponents

Both dem candidates seem to be running on the "i'm not Kirk" platform. And while neither has an "on the issues" section on their campaign websites (Kirk does), Footliks site has much more info than Seals.

And please try to refrain from personal insults - esp regarding physical appearance -they are not appreciated or welcome here.


Anonymous said...

Kirk is ranked as a moderate because his votes are deceptive; he's the ultimate flip flopper. Sorry, you're wrong, he voted against SChip before he voted for it and I'd take a big wager that he wouldn't have voted for it if he hadn't been given the go ahead by the GOP; if his vote provided the veto-proof majority they needed, no way would he have voted for it.

Even David Brooks, who loves to laud the existence of moderate republicans admitted that there was no such thing under this administration.

And where are Kirk's issue pages on Iraq? He refuses to admit that there's a war going on that he led us into with his lies on WMDs. And his latest ploy, touting a "drawdown" is more republican spin; he showed us child-like charts with decreasing troop numbers with ABSOLUTELY NO DATES, meaning that one day, maybe twenty years from now, we may bring the troops home. No thanks, I want someone who is not so deliberately misleading. I don't need to agree with my congressman on everything, but I do expect him to appear in public to answer our questions and I respect people who tell the truth. We have neither from Kirk.

And you do work for Kirk. We know that he wants to run against Jay.

Anonymous said...

Great post, UM! Don't ever expect fairness, accuracy or just plain respect from the opposite's not going to happen. Nobody said that they have to agree on everything that Mr. Kirk say and does, but by their standards he has never done anything right......and that's why they lose credibility. They won't ever acknowledge any of the positive things he's done for this district in transportation, education, the Veteran's Hospital in North Chicago, his stand to keep doctors in practice in Illinois, his protection of the bluffs and the lake......Don't expect any acknowledgment of anything he has ever done from these people who actually do more harm than good with their stilted rhetoric. The next few months will be fun to watch: the Dan and Jay "show" right up to the February primary........Oh yes, thanks for appealing to commentors to cut out the personal about just sticking to what can be verified and proven. What a concept!

Anonymous said...

Well, UM, you are correct again in noting that the 10th Dems and the "official" blog has again taken Mr. Kirk to "task" for speaking out about the plight of the Baha'is in Iran........but skewing it to fit her twisted message. Ms. Gill can't find the words to thank him for speaking out about the continuing attacks on those of the Bahai faith in Iran. Of course it's not new. But what IS new is that he timed his comments to coincide with the visit to Columbia University and the UN of the maniacal leader of Iran. And for that "crime" of speaking out to remind us that this is intolerable she once again goes on the attack. Ms. Gill is a very angry woman. The only time she writes without venom is when she's talking about her cat. So yes, UM, these folks and their "messenger" lose their credible side by never ackowledging a positive statement, act or deed by Congressman Kirk. If memory serves, he HAS prevailed in the past 4 elections........but wait....THAT'S IT!!! She and her followers think that by their almost daily barrage of insults, distortions of his record, smear tactics, personal insults and more that they'll convince voters to elect someone else!! Perhaps she/they have forgotten or never learned that honesty, fairness, decency and yes, courtesy is all appreciated out here a whole lot more than her never ending diatribes. Yes, UM, it IS partisan and it has hit new lows. Isn't that a sad way to live......and to communicate with others?