Monday, October 1, 2007

Americans For ChiIdren's Health Thank Kirk for SCHIP Vote

Looks like some people do get it. From what I can tell the group is a coalition of Health care and consumer groups who got together to make sure SCHIP passed.


Anonymous said...

I heard our Congressman explain why he voted against the first SCHIP Bill. He was right in helping protect SENIORS in Medicare, and I'm one of them, from major cuts in that first Bill which had little to do with access to care for children. Mr. Kirk explained that he would gladly support the Senate's version of SCHIP because it DID address the needs of our nation's kids while preserving critically needed Medicare benefits for Seniors. Mr. Kirk keeps his promises. He is being thanked in today's Tribune full page advertisement for keeping his promise. you suppose that those who attack him daily will find a way to attack him on this vote? Let's wait and see........but the message is out there......Congressman Kirk stands with and for children and with and for Seniors!

Anonymous said...

I think you raise an important point - the left wing in the 10th argues that every action of Kirk is either outright evil or devoid of any real worth because "Mark Kirk's master's allowed him to." I reference the always delightful Tenth Dem's blog as a case study in that type of blinding hatred.

But I take comfort in irrational attacks like those levied in the 10th, the 8th and the 3rd (all coming from the left, now that I think about it).


Because I see a pattern - the same pattern that brought the Republicans down last year nationally, and in 2000 here in Illinois. As the extreme wing of the party continues to flex its primary-election muscle, it continues to move the party's leadership with it to appease the base. But despite what the Kossaks will tell you, the country ain't there, and won't ever be there. They throw out that stat that more than 60 percent of Americans want the war to end, but 60 percent of Americans don't want to stop funding the troops to do it. We all want the war to end - it's how you do it that is important.

You can see it with Dan Seals and Jay Footlik. They are increasingly branding themselves as liberal crusaders in what is a moderate district. Seals and Footlik claim to be able to single-handedly stop the Iraq war to the base, but when the Daily Herald interviews them, they claim to support a responsible end to the war. Last time I checked, up and leaving a destabilized country will only lead to more ethnic violence. It's lip service to the middle as they run back to the next 10th Dem meeting and bemoan the current Kirk-Bush-Limbaugh-See-I-Can-Cleverly-Tie -Anyone-to-Anything-With-Hyphens! issue du jour.

So, I encourage the left now, much like I encouraged the right for so many years. You are your own worst enemy. The only good thing is that the left is destroying itself much faster than the GOP ever did.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous, our country will never be led by those on the far side of either party. The ultra liberals who claim to speak for ALL of the Democractic voters in this district do NOT, in reality, speak for more than the few who are ardent followers of Ms. Gill. Nobody wants or likes war. To suggest that Congressman Kirk is a war monger, and that expression is used over and over on that official blog, is so over the top and so outrageous, she loses all credibility. Responsible leaders know and understand that we can't take all our military personnel out of Iraq's simply not realistic, not possible and surely not prudent. To imply that Mr. Kirk would relish a war with Iran is dangerously vicious and flat out wrong. To imply that he's carrying "water" is another example of twisted and hateful rhetoric. And that's why her blog is losing all's just so stilted, so filled with her own view of a man she just doesn't like that it has become almost meaningless.

Anonymous said...

As predicted, the official blogger for the 10th Dems has posted her daily attack on Congressman Kirk and his yes vote on the SCHIP Bill. Her twisted reasoning again reveals her total and complete dislike of anthing he does and says. Naturally she ties today's attack in a convoluted attempt to say that he knows the House can't sustain an override of the threatened Veto from the White House and that's what prompted his recent vote. Never does she allow her posts to say "good for our Congressman for his vote on this important issue". She is not credible, not truthful, and not sincere. It's the same old, same old. She must spend hours trying to find ways to bend and twist everything our Congressman has done to fit her own talking points. Isn't that a sad way to spend precious time and energy.

joe mccarthly and the redscarecrows said...

Well, you know, if Dan Seals was our Congressman, he would convince all the republicans to vote for SCHIP and override the veto.

Then he would end the Iraq war.

And then the daydream ends, and he's just another guy without a job. A professional politician with no office.

Hardly the type of leadership we need here.

Anonymous said...

How right you are, Joe! Mr. Seals is very good at giving the liberal Dem's party line on any issue. He is clueless about the 10th District. Seals, like the 10th Dems, have one issue and it's called the war. To represent this district or any district, the congressman needs to know the needs of the district.
Congressman Kirk investigated the needs way back in 2000 during his first campaign. He looked at the horrific traffic problems out in the western part of the 10th. It was Mr. Kirk who made the case for support and got the funding to double track the North Central line so my daughter could take the train from Buffalo Grove to her Chicago office. Before Mr. Kirk got the federal funding for that double track there was virtually no way to get to the city except by car. Congressman Kirk has been a champion for the special needs kids through his commitment to NSSED. Call them and ask about his efforts to improve the education for these children. During the first 4 years of his congressional service Congressman Kirk was dubbed the king of the Town Hall Meeting. I'm hoping he goes back to those regular meetings because it's our way to not only hear what he's doing, but ask him some tough questions. Dan Seals talks a good game.......Congressman Mark Kirk DELIVERS on promises made to the constituents in this district. We need this man to continue to represent us in DC.