Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why I'll never vote a straight party ticket again.

From today’s Daily Herald:
“A lack of timely and clear decision making in Springfield is hurting Lake County's attempts to keep and attract businesses, according to a recent status report.”

From the SouthtownStar:
“The legislative stalemate about education funding that has dragged on since summer has left officials in Illinois' 816 school districts wondering how long it will be before they get the additional money they were expecting, about $400 more per student.”

Metra, Pace and CTA still not funded.
Millions in federal dollars are not being leveraged.
Hundreds of thousands wasted in special sessions that accomplished nothing.
And Indiana is betting on an Illinois meltdown.

The governor goes to hockey games, legislative leaders bicker in the press, and the only bills getting passed are to proclaim that the first Tuesday in December be known as Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day for men, women and children who have survived cancer. A worthy cause, I’m sure – but how about a capital bill?

Wasn’t it supposed to be better with the Dems in control?


Anonymous said...

I have never voted a straight ticket in any election, UM, and never will. What we face here in IL is not helpful to those of us who call this place our home. Our founders understood that a 2 party system works best. Illinois, under the solid Blue leaders, has shown this to be true. Between the outrageous behavior of our Senator Terry Link to the do-nothings in the IL House, we are just stuck in the mud of stupid Democratic non-leadership in Springfield. This should give some Republicans with good ideas and credentials a real opportunity next November. Let's see how this plays out, but right now, sad doesn't describe the state of our state.

badge of honor said...

I remember how excited I was when Blago was elected. We were betrayed.

Anonymous said...

"Our founders understood that a two party system works best" ????

This Republic was founded with ZERO political parties. The two party system isn't best; it's the problem! I'm glad the Green Party gained established status. Maybe they will actually do something different because I know the Republicans won't.