Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays from the Florescent Jungle

Every year, in lieu of a holiday party, the Florescent Jungle holds its annual holiday pot luck luncheon. It’s a day when the women in the office show off their culinary skills and the men show off the culinary skills of their wives, mothers or the local grocery store. This year’s feast included exotic treats such as mushroom pate, a lovely pineapple/Cool Whip/angel food cake concoction, ricotta pie and bags of Doritos and barbecue potato chips.

But the biggest treat was Bertha’s special spiked eggnog. On her weekly Costco trip, Bertha found frozen eggnog, which she combined with Island Stan’s beverage of choice, rum. The result was kind of like a root beer Popsicle if you removed the stick and mashed it up with too much liquor. You can imagine the trepidation of our HR Manager (who does God’s work) over the prospect of dealing with drunken employees acting more belligerent than usual on a Wednesday afternoon.

I found the spiked eggnog to be completely disgusting, however, several of my co-workers imbibed with great pleasure, including Steve and Island Stan. It took Island Stan several hours to realize that rum was available for consumption during office hours. I suspect he was still working off his rum buzz from the evening before and didn’t realize that something magical was happening right under his nose. Once the Old Joe clued him in, however, he went back for cup after cup.

The spiked eggnog was gone by the end of the day on Wednesday. However, there was so much food leftover that many members of the FJ team enjoyed lunch again yesterday, at their own risk, as someone had the bright idea to put many of the perishable items out around 7 am and leave them there for the remainder of the day.

The FJ is on Christmas vacation and will pick up again in 2008 with more tales of Trudy, Bertha, Island Stan and the gang. Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!

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