Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Seals loses teacher's union endorsement

Dan Seal's very bad day got even worse as the Illinois Federation of Teachers endorses Jay Footlik in the 10th CD democratic primary.

According to the Trib:
The state's largest teachers' union switched horses today in the 10th Congressional District Democratic primary.

Last year, the Illinois Federation of Teachers backed Dan Seals, who came close but lost to Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk of Highland Park. This time, however, the
union is behind Seals’ primary opponent, Jay Footlik, in the Feb. 5
Democratic primary.

Dan got snippy when asked if he knew why the union switched endorsements:
Seals, who said IFT executive board members seemed “happy with all my positions” when he recently met with the group, said he had no idea why the IFT decided to endorse Footlik. “It’d be better to ask them,” he said.

He sure doesn't seem to be able to handle any pressure does he?


Anonymous said...

Well, UM, want to bet how this news is going to charge up those folks over at 10th Dem Headquarters. And do you suppose that Ms. Shrill will have at it about this latest achievement by Jay Footlik? This party is going to get mighty rough because Gash, Gill and those folks on the other side have been laughing their heads off at Jay Footlik. It's far from over, for sure, but with Dan an unemployed and rather out of touch guy, ie: millionaiares live up here, perhaps his time has come and gone. I think he should look at replacing Jan. He lives in that district, he thinks just like her, he seems to spend a lot of time in her district. Sounds liks a good plan.

Team America said...

Looks like Ellen has taken the gloves off and is stepping in hot and heavy in defense of her man, Seals, as we can see from her post tonight on the residency issue. Wonder if the timing is a coincidence???

Joe McCarthy and the Red Scarecrows said...

I think this is when Dan Seal's sense of entitlement is really starting to show itself.

While he has been busy "consulting" for "businesses," Dan has already become a career politician with nothing to show for it. He expects all the endorsements and thus isn't working as hard as Jay Footlik is. No where is this more evident than the Trib's coverage of its endorsement session. Looks like Jay schooled him something fierce.

The question is, does Dan continue to sit around, bemoaning Rahm Emanuel for not giving him enough bucks last time, or is he actually going to do something to stop Jay?

Even if Dan wins the primary with his do-nothing approach, he will have wasted an entire year to Kirk.

Anonymous said...

What strikes me the most about the teachers’ endorsement is it is the only union that took the time to meet with both candidates before making its decision. Like so many voters in the Tenth who take the time to meet Jay, the teachers can see quality in front of them. Let’s hope enough people take the time to get to know Jay.