Friday, November 30, 2007

The FJ smells like roses

Let me first apologize for the Florescent Jungle’s two week sabbatical. Last week I was busy doing my part to help the American economy on Black Friday. However, I did not begin my Black Friday adventure until noon, when most of the 4 a.m. crowds had already dispersed.

Two weeks ago, the FJ experienced technical difficulties when her internet and phone service went kaput, thus cutting off all communication with the outside world. A few days later IT Geek gave his one day notice and left for greener pastures. I hold him personally responsible for sabotaging our office external communications prior to his departure.

I returned to the Florescent Jungle on Tuesday after an extended Thanksgiving break. Tuesday was a quiet, fragrant day in the FJ. Yes, you read that right. I said fragrant. Trudy’s treasure trove of office gadgets includes an air freshener.

Trudy has a particularly acute sense of smell. I would dare to say she has a sensory perception rivaling that of most animals. On days when the office air quality does not meet her levels of purity, she takes matters into her own hand and perches an air freshener on her desk. The scent of Meadows and Rain permeates the entire office. It is particularly pungent when your desk is only two cubes away from Trudy’s. Concentration and regular breathing become difficult.

Because no one in the office has Trudy’s nasal prowess, we haven’t been able to pinpoint the odor that Trudy finds so offensive. Our best guess is that she’s trying to combat Island Stan and his unique mix of white rum and pheromones.

Our HR Manager (who does God’s work) is about one more air freshener incident away from putting out a memo that addresses appropriate office scents.

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