Friday, November 9, 2007

The 3 O’clock Showdown in the Florescent Jungle

Every day at 3 p.m., Bruce and Gary participate in what is known as the 3 O’clock Showdown. This is ultimate test of strength and endurance for two grown men who appear to have entirely too much time on their hands. Bruce and Gary are the same gentlemen who once made a bet to see who could buy the worst possible $10 or less lunch for the other to consume. The “winning” combination? Tuna burrito from Taco Fresca. Criteria for winning? Amount of time spent in the restroom after lunch.

Past 3 O’clock Showdown events have included:

· Seeing who can spin around in ones chair the longest without throwing up
· Lifting themselves out of their chair using only their arms and seeing who can support themselves the longest
· Playing a game of miniature darts. This provided hours of office enjoyment until Bert confiscated the darts, but not the dart board itself
· Creating the most disgusting combinations of Jelly Belly jelly beans imaginable for the other person to eat, again without throwing up (buttered popcorn, cotton candy and jalapeño reigns as the most repulsive combination ever created)
· Playing online games, such as Yeti Golf and Penguin Baseball, in search of the highest score

Bruce and Gary are now running out of ideas and they need your help. What 3 O’clock Showdown feats of strength would you recommend?


Anonymous said...

I am sure your HR Manager who does "God like" work would appreciate it if the 3 O'Clock showdown moved to a 5 O'Clock showdown.

Unincorporated Middle said...

Water cooler shootout - ala Moonlighting.