Monday, November 19, 2007

Dan Seals has finally updated his website - and its got some problems.

Dan Seals has beaten the predictions and posted his positions on selected issues on his website. A couple of problems are apparent after a quick read:

He lies and claims Kirk does not support SCHIP – when in fact Kirk voted for the successfully passed senate version of the bill and voted to override Bush’s veto.

He misinforms by claiming the surge was a failure – but see here, here and here.

He still doesn’t live in the district but has provided an interactive feature for the rest of us to see if we do.

He supports a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq.

He has no comments on ethics reform, economic growth, the war on terror, illegal immigration or support for veterans

AFSCME and SEIU are the only organizations to endorse him.

His resume says he is a business consultant and adjunct professor at Northwestern University – nothing about his job as Director of Business Development for The Point.


No Left Turn said...

Thanks for the update, UM. I just took a look myself and am under-impressed. Perhaps he's been too busy with his job at The Point to have updated this himself and has turned to his buddies at the 10th Dems to do it for him.....again. As the official blogger for that group likes to state, facts are stubborn things. You bet. It's a shame they can't deal with the truth and with verifiable facts on Mark Kirk's record. It's sad that they've turned to the old photos, the old and very tired lines of the last campaign. By the way, UM, what IS an Adjunct Professor?

Amy said...

Seals' positions as listed on his website are nothing more than a collection of platitudes and vague statements. At least the Green candidate states what he thinks in a direct, unambiguous manner. I can respect that at least. But I hate liars and deceivers, and that's what I see from Seals and Footlik.

Don S said...

Seals has been unemployed for over two years and ALL the political reporters lauch about that. What was he thinking after losing the last time. His resume is more of a vacuum this time than lst - hard to have done NOTHING for TWO YEARS.


Joesph Sears said...

Come on Don -- Dan Seals cannot have done nothing during the last two years. I am sure his campaign will explain how he has made a living since he left GE.

Team America said...

JS- I have to assume that's a tounge-in-cheek comment. Seals' campaign won't even acknowledge his gig at, so I doubt they are going to tell us anything that Seals has been up to in terms of supporting himself since the end of his stint at GE some two years ago now.