Thursday, September 6, 2007

Making Book - Early Political Predictions

It's way to early to be doing this but I thought this might stir some comments while I'm betting on college football and roulette this weekend in Vegas.

What do you think are the sure things, long shots and best bet to beat the odds in the '08 election? Here are mine:

Sure thing: Obama wins Illinois but Hillary is the nominee.
Long shot: Republicans gain control in Springfield.
Best bet to beat the odds: Footlik wins the 10th CD democratic primary.

Have fun - I'll be putting it all on black 22!


Anonymous said...

I agree that Footlik has a much better chance of winning the Democratic primary than the Seals zealots are admitting. I've read several instances of Footlik supporters making a very astute comment--Seals couldn't win in the best year ever for Democrats. I don't understand that hype about Seals. He sounds like every other Democrat and isn't offering anything new or original.

badge of honor said...

my predictions:

sure thing - Kirk wins. (hands down)
long shot - 10th dems run truthful, positive campaign. (impossible)
best to beat the odds - Clinton/Obama win the whitehouse. (wishful thinking)

team america, world police said...

I was just thinking I have not heard much about Seals lately, except that I guess he was present at the recent anti-war thing in Northbrook, which was falsely billed as a Kirk townhall meeting. Seals better step up his game. I am interested to see what his fundraising totals will be in Q3.


Anonymous said...

And here's a good article about another outstanding Republican representative from Illinois we can all be proud of.

Unincorporated Middle said...

Hey people - answer the question.