Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Brave Young Men Get Well Deserved Recognition:

From the Chicago Tribune
Congressional recognition U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk (left) talks about teenagers Tyler Brown (from left), Zach Demertzis and Tom Foust, who were honored this week for saving the life of a woman whose car was stuck on railroad tracks in Glenview on Sept. 8 as two Amtrak trains approached. The trains demolished the car. Kirk gave the Glenbrook South High School students flags and copies of a commendation letter to be included in the Congressional Record. (Tribune photo by José More / September 23, 2007)


Anonymous said...

and Kirk take advantage of others heroics to try to make himself look heroic. This is a crock and that you don't notice is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

As a former RR employee i know how devastating train accidents can be. These boys did an incredibly courageous thing and it took a congressman to recognize it before they got the recognition they deserve. Good for Kirk.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that Anonymous 1;58p.m can't seem to see anything positive in recognizing these 3 teens. This isn't about Congressman Kirk, it's about showing appreciation to these deserving kids. That's part of the problem with the nastiness and mean spirited posts on the 10th Dems Blogs.........Lighten up......life is short.......learn how to appreciate the good in ALL of us........especially Mr. Kirk for taking the time to give these kids the respect they've earned.