Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another reason to keep Kirk

For helping to keep local education programs running.

"A literacy initiative designed for Latino parents and their young children through the College of Lake County will continue after Congressman Mark Kirk, R-Highland Park, announced a $335,043 grant from the U.S. Department of Education on Monday. The program "Families Involved in Reading Stories Together" began in 2005, but was scaled back earlier this year when the initial federal grant money ran out and local funding was used to keep the program going. "The need for this program is very high and we are thrilled to be able to resume it to its original scope and even expand it," said Mary Charuhas, CLC's dean of adult education."

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, UM, you've been missed. Thanks for pointing out another achievement, another great initiative from our Congressman. He has been out and about and finally getting noticed for what has characterized his last 8 years in Congress. He seldom would 'blow his own horn' - and he finally has some keen staffers who recognize the importance of letting everyone in this district know just why Mark Kirk is THE Congressman for this District. Once this campaign gets moving I'm hoping to see more of this kind of positive media attention paid in recognition of his spectacular leadership. Keep on posting, UM, it's great to read your Blog.