Friday, March 28, 2008

Making it up with Dan Seals and the 10th Dems

Occasional commenter Badge of Honor contacted me about an attempt to post a comment on a 10th Dem blog story in which the author gushes about making the dean’s list for 10th Dem University. BOH has pretty much given up posting at the 10th Dem blog but the pseudo-university posting tickled his funny bone enough to try and make this short post as anonymous:

“Now I know where Dan Seals got his teaching credentials”

Apparently the blog administrator lacks a sense of humor and removed the post within the hour.

Since the 10th Dems are making up academic institutions and titles, I thought we should have a little fun too. Use your imaginations along with a lot of snark to make up the following:

The name of a school where “Professor” Dan can teach.
Its mascot and/or motto.
Some interesting class titles for Dan to teach.


Anonymous said...

School: Wassamatta U
Mascot: Fearless Leader Schakowsky
Motto: Watch me pull some taxes out of my hat.

Favorite Class:
Fractured Fairytales: How to write a story to suit your own purpose.

Anonymous said...

A good school title might be that old, tried and true one:

DoWeFoolEm and How.

Jan's Dan, using a Seal pup with his face, complete with scarf.

Anonymous said...

Class: Methods of Equivocation 101

At least the green candidate uses concrete language instead of vague statements like "responsible withdrawal" or "wind down" the war. Kirk would teach 102, the more advanced follow-on class.

Unincorporated Middle said...

I didn't realize there was a green candidate on the general election ballot yet.

Are you sure he will meet the April deadline?

Publia said...

Since Dan Seals is a Progressive, I would image a good school seal would feature a hammer and sickle and the latin motto "In hoc signo vinceres." The groundhog lied about spring, which makes him a good mascot

anon 8:02 said...


All I know is that Pioneer continues to write about him. It's the same guy that the Lake County Democrats were able to knock off the primary ballot.,de-warpolitics-032008-s1.article

My understanding is that the greens just need to file nominating paperwork since there was nobody else in the green primary.

Anonymous said...

Really sad someone so underqualified and unrepresentative of our district is not being hit for his ties to groups that hate Israel, want to raise taxes and see him as a lobbyist meal ticket for extremist liberal policies.

Then again we have a state party that can't do squat against a democratic party under indictment with a 25% approval rating, and raising taxes like there's no tomorrow so this tragedy is expected.

Who's worse, them for obvious reasons, or our leadership for not wacking them?