Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Election day observations

I love to vote. Lots of excitement at the polls - tons of people early this morning with more folks pulling dem ballots than I remember in years past.

Thanks for the suggestions on who to pick for 10th CD dem primary but I just couldn't fill in the black circle for either Seals or Footlik. I'll have to wait for the general to vote for the best candidate, Mark Kirk.

Saw more Kirk signs than either Footlik or Seals and a great Hillary button while waiting for the train.

Consider this an election day open thread.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, UM, I have always loved walking into my polling place and voting for my candidates for office. It truly speaks to the best of America - our right to vote! Yesterday was no different for me. While I pulled a Republican ballot, I did find out that at 3 p.m yesterday I was only the 30th person in my precinct to ask for a Republican ballot. That's amazing. While our Congressman had no challenger on the Republican side, I wanted to vote for him, for John McCain and some of our county candidates.

The November election is going to be challenging out here. This district leans Democratic, but I know that Mark Kirk is, hands down, deserving to be re-elected for a Fifth Term. I've been following all the chatter about Dan Seals. This guy has a lot of explaining to do on core values like honesty and integrity before anyone can even think about what kind of congressman he'd be in representing this district. When a guy can't be truthful on his "resume" it goes without saying that there's a huge cloud hanging over him on everything else he says and does. And what does he do for a living? He hasn't held a job in severalyears. It's OK to be a stay at home dad, but how would he do that if he ever did go off to DC. Lots of time for answers.