Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Waukegan Officials Say No to $24 Million Federal Dollars to Clean Up Harbor.

The EPA had pledged to provide $24 million of the $36 million dollars needed to clean up the pcps in Waukegan Harbor. Lake County was going to provide $5 million, the state another $4 million, leaving Waukegan’s share of the bill at $3 million dollars. Under the agreed upon plan, Waukegan would provide 8 percent of the total costs to restore some of the last undeveloped Lake Michigan front property in Illinois. Waukegan would gain the greatest from the plan, tapping new investments, creating new jobs and revitalizing the town and the region.

But Waukegan doesn’t want to sign the standard EPA agreement. They have added contingencies to the EPA agreement to get rid of the existing businesses currently on the Lake. The EPA doesn’t do local zoning – their job is restoration. It is Waukegan City officials who are not doing their job turning down $33 million dollars that could greatly improve the lives of the people who live in Waukegan. Call or e-mail them to tell them that they should be doing their job and working to make Waukegan better for everyone who lives here.

MayorRichard H. Hyde(847) 599-2510

Sam Cunningham (847) 249-8075
John Balen(847)
Greg Moisio(847)
Tony Figueroa(847)
Edith Newsome(847)
Larry TenPas(847)
Pat Needham(847)
Richard Larsen(847)
Rafael Rivera(847)

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Anonymous said...

glad you pointed this out. what are they thinking in that town?